Aloha Beauties!

Seialoha is a relaxing beauty+aloha experience located in the peaceful town of Del Mar, Ca devoted to offering

safe beauty boosting and a clean-ingredient product boutique.

Experience the bliss and luxury in skillfully accentuating natural features while also discovering non-toxic alternatives to common beauty goods and techniques aimed to slow the aging process and enhance your beautiful self safely.


Our happy clients enjoy superior customer service and a professional experience to keep your health and safety our top priority.


We do the homework to find effective favorites by constant trial and error so you don't have to.  Product and treatment selections utilizing natural approaches and spending detailed time is what we pride ourselves on - while staying all natural and/or organic as always possible.


We invite you to escape in tranquil Hawaiian ambiance and take time out of your busy day to enjoy occasions dedicated to treating and taking care of you!

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