Recommended Tips for your Best Tan

Before Your Tan

After Your Tan

-Remove all unwanted hair prior to your tan.

-Only exfoliate hands, feet, elbows, knees and neck for our tans.

-Only exfoliate entire body if skin type is very dry, patchy and scaly, and 48 hours prior to tanning.


-Avoid wearing lotions, oils, makeup and deodorant to your session as this may create a barrier, preventing the color from developing properly.


-Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and sandals after your session.


-Schedule waxing, manicures/pedicures, massages and workouts BEFORE your session.





-Ideally, do not shower or get your skin wet for 6-8 hours following your session. 

-Showering past 16 hours may result in a less than desirable result.

-After your first shower, moisturize using an all natural moisturizer.  Staying moisturized and hydrated internally encourages an even, gradual fade.  


-Heavy and consistent sweating may make the color lift quicker.


-Avoid chlorinated pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.


-Taking cooler, shorter showers, avoiding soaking and prolonging shaving is recommended.


-Avoid loofahs, scrubs and body washes made with SLS and alcohol.


-Always apply sunscreen as these solutions do not protect from sun damage.

-We highly recommend and retail our EcoTan and Ola Tropical Apothecary products to best extend the life of your tan!


*These suggestions reflect our best recommendations in order to get the most out of your tan.  Results may vary based on skin type, workout routine, showering time and unknown variables.

*Choose Organic &Natural products for best results*

Here at Seialoha, we believe in offering the highest quality non-toxic, all natural and/or organic products whenever possible - from treatments to retail selection. 

Let us help you with any recommendations to help get the most out of your tan and help keep your health a priority.

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